Canada to put the boots to ISIS?

We can now remove the question mark.

A week after I was first to post this, the Trudeau government announced it was committing 600 Canadian Special Forces troops to the ground war against ISIS.

According to the terse communiqué, Canada would be withdrawing its CF-18s but two Aurora surveillance planes, two transports and the ancient KC-135 refuelling tanker will remain in-theatre.

That would lead one to ask why would we keep our venerable midair refueller in the Middle East when the Americans have plenty?  I’m guessing when I say the Libs are preparing to back down on bringing the fighters home on the strength of Saturday’s Angus Reid poll.

It found nearly two-thirds of Canadians disagree with Trudeau’s plan to bring them home, with close to half fearing a recall would damage Canada’s international reputation if he follows through.

As for the commitment of boots on the ground, did I miss the debate in Parliament? Are the Trudeau Liberals flipping on yet another election vow? No and yes.



Produced by General Dynamics in Brampton, Ontario, Canada’s Coyote is widely considered to be the best desert fighting vehicle on the market, with the flexibility to serve as forward operating bases, surveillance platforms and airfield defence posts. Canadians worked out the bugs and perfected their use in Afghanistan. The Trudeau Liberals have yet to approve a 100-Coyote sale to the Saudi government. –Military Today photo

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, in Quebec City on Friday for a North American Foreign Ministers meeting, came close to confirming something I heard earlier in the week – that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is expected to announce it will be committing a significant ground force to the ISIS mission, most likely in northern Iraq.(

According to DND sources, 600 Special Forces members are training for the mission although to judge by vague government responses during Question Period, Parliament is being kept in the dark.

“The Government of Canada has…

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