What should Tom have done?

Well, lie. Spout platitudes. Make nice.

The trouble with New Democratic Party leader Tom Mulcair is that he’s a fighter, not a lover. Canadians, always apt to vote while looking in their rear-view mirrors, dumped the Harper Tories. Quebeckers bitching about having elected a Liberal government have only themselves to blame.

Justin Trudeau and his caucus have four thankless, grinding, troubled years ahead in a world economy that bears no resemblance to what we were seeing 365 days ago. From the messages coming out of Davos, the worst lies ahead. The Liberal agenda has been bushwhacked and it’s highly unlikely next month’s budget will change this let alone what the New Democrats and Conservatives decide at their respective conventions.

My only regret is that Mulcair isn’t leading Her Majesty’s Official Opposition. I’d drive to Ottawa to catch QP if he was.

3 thoughts on “What should Tom have done?

  1. Our investment banking world is driven by crisis. Long stable growth periods where people buy and hold is simply not profitable for those who must sell investments. They need war, financial crisis, shortages of key commodities, or some other crisis in order to fuel some panic. Doesn’t matter if it’s panic buying or panic selling, or if it’s even as a result of their own subterfuge like sub-prime mortgages.

    Real reform would require a complete collapse, but I think the ability to speculate without actually owning a stock should be eliminated. I think that there should be a minimum ownership period of 7 days before you can resell any purchased stock to take high frequency computer driven trading and speculation by day-traders out of play. Two simple initiatives that would return the equity markets to their core function of providing capital for long term growth based on solid fundamentals of companies.

    Without a complete collapse of world markets, or a comprehensive global agreement on reform that would completely change world banking, we’ll continue to see a roller coaster of boom and crash cycles. The problem with this one is there was a crash and no significant boom, and now we’re scheduled for another crash so the bottom could be lower than the last one. Also, governments have no liquidity to buy the illusions of prosperity via bailouts and other injections of capital.

    I joke that we all need an Amish friend to show us how to live simply and without material things, because one of these days the next cycle could really head down farther than anyone could imagine.

    Common sense is required, especially when investing in a market controlled by big money and completely devoid of adequate regulation.


  2. Whoa boys, hold back your stallions . Give love a chance

    Who wrote the song – ”Give love a chance’ ?

    In the 70’s didn’t a mega social\love-in movement build around him?

    If my aging memory serves me at all, didn’t some dysfunctional fan shoot him- ‘all in the name of love’.

    What was his name?


  3. I voted NDP back in October and completely surprised myself in doing so. For the first time I had a nodding acquaintance with a candidate , Jamie Nichols, and I liked him for his energy around Town and County. I decided not to bother with party ideology , believing that all are driven toward the some semblance of center thinking when in power just as a survival mechanism. I like Tom Mulcair too . He’s an old school politician like Ed Broadbent or further back ,Diefenbaker. Angry Tom brought some old intelligent fire back to debate.


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