We’re all the same

It’s all attitude.

Start of my day, early and easy to be pissed: Almost an hour on the phone with Mumbai to update credit card info (old card was fraud victim) on an annual renewal software license. They need better systems, the guy spent a lot of time waiting for “the system” to respond.

I knew he was in Mumbai, because I always announce where I am and ask them where they are. Since the time was going to be wasted anyway, might as well chat. It was 1:00am in Mumbai when we chatted, he had five more hours to work.

Some of those guys are fun to talk to and today’s guy spoke perfect English and more importantly had great comprehension. They’re trained to be polite and answer any question you ask while you’re waiting. Remember this was an American company customer service portal.

He commented that “you have a lot of Indians in Canada” and told him that we value our immigrants from India. Our immigrants can aspire to great things and the highest levels. He was happy to hear that we have an Indian Defense Minister who had fought for Canada in Afghanistan.

The guy I got today should become a Canadian: When I asked, he knew who Sugar Sammy was, and then replied that sure he likes Sugar Sammy, but actually prefers Russell Peters.

We discussed Royal Enfield  Motorcycles, ex British product now made in India. I worked on one as a teen mechanic decades ago. He wants to buy one of the fancy newer Royal Enfield models and is working hard to save enough money but he’s also got a beautiful girlfriend and needs to save money to get married. I told him that loving a good wife was probably a better and longer lasting investment than a motorcycle, but to have some fun before the inevitable.

We finished the job at hand, wished each other a  great weekend, and he laughed when I told him he’d get to the weekend before I did. It turned out not to be a waste of time, but an enjoyable chat across the world.

Exactly the kind of thing we should do more often with our neighbors, or the guy standing in line with us. Or the refuge that was driven from their homeland by war.

We’re all the same, just in different places and circumstances.

When given a choice, just relax and choose to be human.

3 thoughts on “We’re all the same

  1. I think it’s Royal Enfield, Peter. You must have a pipeline on your mind:)
    As you say, some of these occasions have a plus side; but usually not. Especially with Bell’s so-called “service” line.


  2. Hi Peter, I worked in Saudi Arabia for a few years and worked extensively with in no special order : Palestinians, Pakistanis, Indians, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, Thais, Filipinos, and Koreans. It embarrassed me at the time that the common language of communication was English and I knew not a word of their assorted languages. I liked them all for not caring which language was predominant. I especially loved to here Arabs communicating with Thais in English but it all worked with no insecurities. Take people away from their native territories and it’s my experience we all get nicer. Maybe we should all switch countries. TaTa motors now makes Jaguars in India and they’re really nice.

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